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History of SRS

To: All Customers

We are a silver recovery and non-hazardous universal waste vendor out of Charlotte, NC. I have been in the imaging business for over nine (9) years as a Branch and Region Operations Manager for SourceOne Healthcare and Diagnostic Imaging (DI). Before leaving SourceOne, I served as their National Silver Recovery Director and became very familiar with the silver recovery business and all that it entails. Prior to that assignment, I was the East Region Operations Manager for SourceOne and DI. The NC, SC, TN, VA, PA, MD, NY and MA branches were under my operational control. I also spent 20 years in Materials Management while in the USAF. My departure from SourceOne opened a door of opportunity for me to focus exclusively on one value added service using my experience, skills and training.

With the increased awareness on identify theft, HIPAA compliance, and Protected Health Information (PHI), it has become critical for the medical industry to deal with HIPAA compliant brokers and refiners that are creditable to handle their archival and scrap x-ray film and jackets.

To do this, I formed a new company, Shaw Recovery Services, and hired three recovery service specialists to help me in this new venture. Collectively, we have more than eighty five years experience in both silver recovery and distribution. I have since hired three more employees.

Our silver recovery program includes disposition of archival x-ray film, consolidation and relocation of film files. By reorganizing both on-site and off-site file rooms, we provide you with much needed space. This is a very unique service as most silver recovery vendors do not provide this service. We also install/maintain silver recovery equipment on a quarterly or semi-annual schedule based on film and fixer volume to insure federal, state and local EPA compliance is met. We also offer analytical testing to make sure your silver discharge levels meet standards. Our commitment to our customers is that we will treat their PHI contained on scrap x-ray film and jackets with the highest level of security from “cradle to grave”. Our refiner recycles 100% of the scrap film and x-ray jackets we send them. We recently have expanded our business into non-hazardous universal waste, i.e. lamps, batteries, office equipment, analog TV’s, E-waste, etc.

Shaw Recovery Services officially opened its doors on Monday, 12/19/2005. We converted numerous customers in our primary coverage area which includes NC, SC, GA, East TN, KY, VA, WV, PA and MD with warehouse locations in Columbia, SC, Charlotte, NC and Winchester, VA. Because silver recovery is a “value added” service and not a mandatory part of a national imaging contract, it allows you to bid out that portion of your imaging contract. If you afford SRS the opportunity to competitively bid this segment of your imaging business, you will find that we beat the competition with our scrap film reimbursement rates, equipment pricing and more importantly, with our service! Recycling is all we do. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and support in a timely, responsive, and professional manner.

We would love to be your “recycler of choice”. If you have any questions, please email me @ or call us @ 866.893.7159. Please check out our web site @ References are available, upon request, and we will sign your Business Associate Agreement. Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the near future.


Don Shaw



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